Nivelador "Level Up" - Cinza Ver maior

Nivelador "Level Up" - Cinza



  • Com 3 niveis
  • Material resitente
  • Fácil de limpar
  • Resistente a UV
  • Pacote de 2 peças
  • Cor: Cinza

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Light, strong and anticorrosive.
Keep your vehicle perfectly levelled for improved operation of equipment when parked on uneven ground.
Will not crack or break like wood.
Non-skid finish.
Solid construction in UV-resistant polyethylene.

LEVEL UP - KIT LEVEL UPThe best-selling level of the range.
Ridged surface to grip to the vehicle’s tyres.
Consists of 3 levels.
Lightweight and made from rust-proof material, easy to clean and UV-resistant. 2 piece package.
The Kit Level Up is sold complete with Level Bag.

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